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Instructor: Aleah Peffer | Aurora Sidor

Aleah Peffer

Aleah PefferAleah has been playing the violin since she was five, and later began learning the viola at eleven. Aleah trained under the tutelage of Mai Motobuchi of the Borromeo String Quartet, an acclaimed violist who has performed with Yo-Yo Ma. Aleah has performed with New England Conservatory’s Junior Youth Repertory Orchestra, as well as several other orchestras around the U.S, and is a current member of the Classical Musicians of Metro DC. She is certified in the Suzuki Every Child Can! teacher training and is in the process of completing further Suzuki teacher certifications. Though she specializes in the Suzuki method, Aleah strives to help every student find joy through music and will adapt her curriculum to the unique goals of any learner. Aleah lives in Washington, D.C. and teaches violin and viola remotely with Music Elements.

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My violin lessons have been online since the pandemic started. We use Zoom, and I'll also save videos of my practice pieces to Google Drive and send a link to my teacher. The combination works really well, in fact it may be better than in-person for teaching form, because you can see yourself playing as well. And my teacher Aleah is fantastic -- she made some simple practice suggestions after observing my bowing that immediately(!) improved my tone. She's also technologically savvy, and patient and encouraging. Every lesson is a good lesson! - ~MM
It was so nice to finally meet Aleah today. She’s lovely and immediately gained a rapport with Lydia within minutes of their lesson. Lydia was very focused during her lesson and appeared disappointed for it to end. She is currently practicing as I email you. This is the happiest we’ve seen her in weeks, as we know this pandemic has been quite the adjustment for everyone. In closing, Anita—I have to say, our short time at Music Elements has only been filled with positive experiences. You certainly have a talented faculty and grateful for finding your studio. -Melissa

I just had a terrific lesson with Aleah! I'm so glad you arranged to have her substitute. I think you've been having great luck with violin teachers! I want to practice double stops all night but domestic harmony dictates restraint   -Maggie


Aurora Sidor

Aurora Sidor brings over 14 years of musical experience on the violin. In 2019, she completed her Bachelor of Arts in Violin Performance at the University of New Hampshire. Aurora is currently a member of the Merrimack Valley Philharmonic Orchestra. When not performing violin, Aurora enjoys arranging and composing her own music, combining her classical training with her love for modern music. Two such pieces include works for violin and piano: Disney’s “Let it Go” and Madonna’s “Frozen” compilation and also an arrangement of Metallica’s “Fade to Black”. Additionally, she aspires to publish an original musical about an evil Snow Queen. Aurora wishes to share her musical knowledge and passion in hopes of sparking inspiration in others. 

Aurora teaches Violin, Viola, Cello, Piano

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