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Music Elements offers Master Classes, Summer Camps and Music Lessions in  piano, drums, guitar, voice, strings, brass, ukulele and bass. Our lessons are in-person and virtual. Whether you are a beginner or advanced student, our instructors will teach you at a pace that's right for you. Plain and simple…students have fun at our school! Let our reviews speak for us! Come join us to discover or rediscover the joy of music!

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Music Lessons:

Thank you Thank you. That recital was FUN. I am really impressed by how expertly you engage a wide variety of students. And I learned some more about drums. Thank you also for the wins you give Carter.
My son is only 4 but started drum lessons with Dan this year. The instruction is patient and breaks it down to be easily understood. My son is so excited for each lesson and loves talking about all the drums
Thank you so much for the effort you and your team put on for the recital on Saturday! It was a wonderful performance! We also want to send a special thank you to Dan - he’s done an amazing job teaching Bernie. Dan has been extremely patient and creative in his teaching style given Bernie’s young age. We are excited to see Bernie’s growth with the help from Dan and your school! Thank you, Kat and Jon
My four-year-old started drum lessons with Dan a couple months ago and so far, have exceeded all expectations. Dan's ability to customize and accommodate his teachings to align with the age factor is pretty awesome. My son is loving his lessons, practicing/rehearsing, and knowing his weekly session is coming. Looking forward to seeing the continued progression and bond he will have with Dan moving forward. Can't recommend or speak highly enough of Music Elements.
I really enjoyed the lessons with Navarre. He is a wonderful instructor and an even better person. His dedication to caring about students, remembering personal information and relating content towards my musical interest was always appreciated and meaningful. Thanks, Connor
I loved Music Elements and my voice teacher, Nicole! I learned so much about how to improve my singing (for fun)! Staff is wonderful and prices are very reasonable. I highly recommend!
Chris really liked his lesson yesterday. You were right, Navarre is a good fit for him, enthusiastic but not overwhelming.
I had to let you know what a blast I had at the recital! The room was so filled with positive energy that I had to keep playing other pieces when I got home. The other students were terrific, and really excited to perform. Tinson, you are a very generous and encouraging person to play with. Thanks for making this such a great event! And thanks too to the staff who acted as ushers and made up a tray of snacks and drinks for us. (Sorry, I can't remember their names, but they're really nice!) -Maggie
My daughters have been taking lessons with Samantha (vocal) for over 2 years and added lessons with Elizabeth (piano) beginning Fall '23. Both teachers are so patient and kind. They always work with the students on their interests and communicate how their lesson went on a weekly basis with us. The girls have truly grown their passion for music. Besides the awesome teachers, we have have been able to conveniently schedule and cancel based on our needs. We appreciate the flexibility.
Olivia is loving her time with Tinson and we can totally see the benefits of her time with him! She has been working towards her performance as Nala in “The Lion King” next month and is so excited! Thank you so much, Abbey
I finished the lesson with Norm and thank you for letting me learn from  Norm. He's a gifted musician and a patient teacher. Thank you, Vik
Tyler is great. He's teaching my teenaged son to play the piano. My son struggles w depression & anxiety in recent years. This has been something that he really loves and looks forward in going to. I'm so happy to have found this place for him. It's not only new education, but also really good for his phych. The instructor is really patient, kind and down-to-earth. Everyone else is also very warm and welcoming. Prices are very reasonable. I would definitely recommend.

Simeon really enjoys his trumpet lesson with Peter. Simeon's band teacher told me how much progress she had seen recently in Simeon's trumpet playing.
Sometime in August I received a package from Music Elements for my grandson, Jake. Well now that Jake has graduated from high school and is a working stiff working long hours, we were finally able to get together tonight, and I delivered the package to him. He was happily surprised to find a graduation gift, and we both would like to thank you. Music Elements is a class act, for sure. Jake has just bought himself a guitar, so who knows, maybe in the future he will be coming back for guitar lessons!   -Donna T
Dear Anita, Laura and Music Elements Staff,

I wanted to thank you all for the very generous graduation gift. It was unexpected but very appreciated. You all have been so supportive to me all these years. I thank you for creating such a safe space for me to grow as a person and musician. Meeting with Laura for lessons when i was in middle school during a particularly tough time at home made me feel so much more loved, important and confident in my ability. I am currently in the third week of my classes at Temple and I couldn’t be happier. I seriously would not be studying music therapy right now if it wasn’t for you all. Thank you. Thank you. You will forever be in my heart, -Lyla

You really are such a wonderful teacher. We totally lucked out having you as his teacher! He is at that age where sometimes we have to really push on everything. I think if you were not the great teacher and kind person that you are, he would have given up on the baritone. We really, really appreciate your patience and enthusiasm.

Hi Peter,
Thank you so much for your email explaining the progress Haarika had made. Am so happy to hear that from you. I myself could tell the difference too when compared to the beginning when she is in the class. I usually work in the next room and remember how she used to struggle at the beginning and even I was complimenting her recently that she is doing well when she plays. Thanks, Usha

Rose loves lessons with Ms. Laura. It is the highlight of her week!
Samhita loves Laura! She thought she was fantastic, especially the in-person class was a big plus for her.
The lesson went fine. Better than expected. Honestly, Justin and I share the same musical tastes and could've talked about bands, concerts we both went to and guitars for hours. Beyond that, I picked up the book we'll be using in the lessons and I'm getting excited about continuing the process.  ~Regards, Dave M  
Happy February! I hope you are doing well - and congratulations on your new studio space! I can’t wait to see it once the pandemic is over. I am really enjoying virtual lessons and I am so glad you are offering them. I can’t believe the difference in my voice since working with Alex. He’s great! Thank goodness for the internet! -Lucy A.
Even before the first lesson, I checked Ms.Laura's profile on Music Element's website. We are very impressed with Ms. Laura's extensive experience. Natania thoroughly enjoyed her first lesson with Ms.Laura and we loved introducing and talking to her. Ms.Laura is very sweet and energetic. We look forward for Natania for many more music lessons from Ms.Laura.
Happy New Year to you and the entire staff of Music Elements. We missed you during the Christmas break and look forward resuming the music classes as it is one very nice aspect of our otherwise dull lives with COVID-19. Best safe, Vania
We love the work Cayla is doing with Claire. She is so good with Claire. Thank you! Michele T
Dylan, Thank you SO much for all of your hard work putting together the virtual recital. It was AMAZING and even better that we were able to share it with family. Jack is so proud of himself—the smile hasn’t left his face all day. I think there is something to be said for the kids being able to also watch themselves. We are so fortunate to be a part of Music Elements. Thank you for being a part of our family and an important influence/trusted adult in Jack’s life for the last 3 years!
My violin lessons have been online since the pandemic started. We use Zoom, and I'll also save videos of my practice pieces to Google Drive and send a link to my teacher. The combination works really well, in fact it may be better than in-person for teaching form, because you can see yourself playing as well. And my teacher Aleah is fantastic -- she made some simple practice suggestions after observing my bowing that immediately(!) improved my tone. She's also technologically savvy, and patient and encouraging. Every lesson is a good lesson! - ~MM
Caedmon wouldn’t have this passion and drive without you and your school. We are so thankful for how you, Dylan and John poured into him over the years. We look forward to many more years to come. ~ Ryan  
Matt has been really excellent about giving Evan a little extra push to practice at home. And Evan is really enjoying his lessons.
Really enjoying lessons - Alex is great and it is super helpful to have a voice teacher who can play the piano as well! Thank you - Lucy A
Hi Peter, I spoke with Haarika about how she is doing and she says you are helping her learn and also am able to see little improvement in her before she started the classes and for now.. I am sure she is having fun learning in your class. Thanks for the update Peter!   Thanks, Usha

Olivia,   Thank you, we're having a lot of fun with this! You're a really great teacher and we can't wait for our next lessons. We'll be sure to start thinking of some songs we'd like to practice. Regards, Ryan and Mary
Hi Anita, I hope you are doing well! We really appreciate Music Elements offering online classes this summer! With so many things being cancelled, it’s so great for the kids to keep learning. Best regards, Stephanie S

It was so nice to finally meet Aleah today. She’s lovely and immediately gained a rapport with Lydia within minutes of their lesson. Lydia was very focused during her lesson and appeared disappointed for it to end. She is currently practicing as I email you. This is the happiest we’ve seen her in weeks, as we know this pandemic has been quite the adjustment for everyone. In closing, Anita—I have to say, our short time at Music Elements has only been filled with positive experiences. You certainly have a talented faculty and grateful for finding your studio. -Melissa
We have loved the opportunity to expose Eleanor to the piano and I am very impressed with how much she has learned already. Alex has been tremendous with taking on a new student completely over Zoom. -Laura W.
I just had a terrific lesson with Aleah! I'm so glad you arranged to have her substitute. I think you've been having great luck with violin teachers! I want to practice double stops all night but domestic harmony dictates restraint   -Maggie
Thank you for your help. Isabella had her lesson. We are so excited to be working with Laura again. Her energy and approach is the best. She is wonderful. We are beyond happy that she is back & are looking forward to the coming lessons. Very happy to be back, Alexis

Thank you! It was so wonderful seeing & working with Martha yesterday :) Thank you for giving us all the opportunity to do this online while we undergo this quarantine. Looking forward to my next lesson. Take care and stay safe! -Jennifer
Thank you for providing continuity to our day. I am happy to see Claire step outside of her comfort zone and continue to work with Cayla. I was home during Claire's last lesson and cannot say enough, how wonderful Cayla is with Claire. Cayla is very upbeat and confident and hope some of this will rub off on Claire. -My best, Michele
Siobhan has been raving about her voice lesson with Martha since we left on Monday. She asked if it was possible to have lessons 2x/week with Martha. I’m so happy we’ve found this school. I know she’s only had one lesson but this girl is usually so shy and never wants to try new things. It’s nice to see her so excited for this. -Jennifer G
I've been wanting to email you to say I'm enjoying lessons with Elena. I like her quite a lot, she has good playing form, she finds me exercises to work through technique challenges, and she's very encouraging. I think it's going to be a lot of fun working with her! -Maggie
"My 16 year old daughter Mia has been a student at Music Elements for about three years and she takes a weekly voice lesson with Martha Robertson as well as singing with one of the school’s instructional bands “The Vibe”. We have had such a positive experience here as the teachers are down to earth, experienced, patient and fun. The owners are also friendly and accommodating and we’ve even been able to maintain a regular schedule of lessons with a little added flexibility through school holidays and summer breaks. My daughter enjoys her lessons here, has grown in confidence and has learned so much; I would highly recommend Music Elements!""Please pass on to both Ben and John that Megan really enjoys working with them both! We never have to remind Megan of her lessons on Monday or Wednesday."
"Haileigh has definitely been enjoying her voice lessons and there's no question that she looks forward to seeing Martha each week. Martha is both energetic & fun while providing instruction, and my husband & I definitely appreciate her efforts! "
"I am really enjoying my lessons. Martha is wonderful, I love her teaching style and her approach. Since I have some experience singing, we skipped right to where I needed help and took it from there. I can't say enough about her. As far as the staff, they are very helpful and accommodating. I really don't have anything in the way of criticisms so all I can say is keep doing hat your doing. The other students I have met also seem to be as pleased. Keep up the good work!" Sincerely, Jay
"I am enjoying my lessons! Violin is on my bucket list and I am very happy to have lessons conveniently close to home. I have fund the cost reasonable and appreciate the ability to cancel a lesson with sufficient notice without penalty. This is a big deal for me! I have found the staff very friendly and welcoming at the studio. I also find the email regarding activities and scholarship for the kids remarkable. Music- Elements makes our corner of the world a better place!! I have learned a lot from Amanda! She is a dedicated and patient teacher. I am enjoying getting to know her and developing a relationship with her. I feel my success is directly correlated to my relationship with my teacher. I am 60 years old and even at 60, I care about a friendly, relaxed student/teacher relationship!" -Becky

Anita was a pleasure to deal with, prompt and very courteous and welcoming. This choice was also local.  -Linda"

Lucas is loving his lessons with Ben, and I find Ben to be very pleasant, professional, helpful etc. overall we are very pleased with Music Elements!

Just a side note, Caleb and Dominick are both LOVING their lessons. I can't praise John and Peter enough! I never have to drag them out of the house to get them there. I am so grateful I found you!"

"I absolutely LOVE my voice lessons with my instructor! She is so fantastic and inspiring. I really enjoy working with her!"
-Jennifer K
"My oldest daughter has been with Music Elements for a year and a half and she loves it! She takes voice lessons; only after a few lessons her voice quality and range improved quite noticeably. Since then my daughter has had many performances, solos and leads in shows. Anita, the owner, is so welcoming and accommodates us with lessons to work around our busy schedules if needed. She answers her e-mails right away and is always pleasant! My second oldest started taking piano and is thriving with progress every week. The waiting room offers crayons for my younger ones - and coffee/water for adults (which is so nice after a long day). The staff is friendly and the students leave happy! I'm so glad that Anita found me on here and we are thankful to work with such a talented, successful school right here in our home town! "
-Laurie M
"I wanted to let you know how much Erin and Sean LOVE their music lessons! They are both so happy at your school. Sean came out of his lessons with Ben [Knight] last week and told me how much fun he is having with piano. He has never said that before. Ben is wonderful with him! It's so nice to see him excited about the piano. Erin absolutely loves Laura [Altenor]! She is amazing! She can't wait to go to lessons each week." -Shannon
"I just wanted to let you know that I'm really happy with Amanda [Violin/Cello lessons]. She's already giving me tips to correct my form, yay!" -Maggie
"John was great, he is already tailoring the lessons nicely to my desires as an experienced musician learning a new instrument, and I'm looking forward to continuing." Chuck G.
"Great experience so far - flexible with scheduling, friendly staff, convenient location. My daughter and son are both taking lessons (guitar and piano) and love their teachers. We couldn't be happier with Music Elements." -Liz E
"My daughter absolutely loves her singing lessons at Music Elements. She looks forward to it every week. Her teachers and the other staff members are so supportive and encouraging. It's like a big family that cares about each other. She not only has a fun time during her lesson, but she has also learned many techniques to improve her singing and build her confidence to share her singing with others."-Rebecca E
"We are so thrilled to have found Music Elements. The rates for lessons are very reasonable and the office staff is very friendly and helpful. My daughter takes voice lessons, and she loves going to her lesson. Her teacher is so talented and she makes the lessons fun. I would recommend Music Elements!" -Karen M
"My son Lucas, age 6, loves taking drumming lessons. His teacher is patient and wonderful. He quickly changes pace and teaching techniques to help Lucas get more out of his lesson time. Thank you for all your hard work! I definitely recommend Music Elements!" -Jessica 
I am really enjoying getting back into playing the piano as an adult student! Music Elements new space is terrific." -Rachel
"It was a pleasure meeting with Mike. Sophia had lots of nice things to say about you. Anita, thank you for providing my children with such a warm, wonderful place to learn about and enjoy music!!"-Jean
"Just to let you know I am having a great time with John and I am learning a lot!" -Michelle P
Very nice very precise with what i am lookin 2 learn an work on with my weaknesses on drummin an what instuctor would suit me..cant wait 4 my 1st lesson....-Jeffrey

I went in with no expectations and I left feeling take care of! Anita and Laura are super welcoming and warm! I totally felt comfortable and able to focus at the task at hand due to their hospitality and friendliness! I appreciated the free trial to see if my singing instructor and I would be a good fit....well it most definitely was a PERFECT fit and I will now be going back every week. Thank you Anita and Laura!  -Germaina

Anita is awesome along with her music staff. They are exceptional musicians, all kind, patient and very knowledgeable in their field of music expertise. I would not hesitate to recommend them for lessons in the music field of your choice. My daughter is taking drum lessons with Dylan, who is in a band and working on his masters in music, so these teachers are very experienced people. She enjoys his lessons and learns a lot each and every time. She comes out with a smile after each lesson because she gets better and better each time.  - Peg N.

Anita and the teachers are amazing! They really try to teach you in way that you would understand. My kids took guitar lessons there with no former guitar knowledge whatsoever. They make you feel so comfortable, I started taking voice lessons myself. Keep in mind that I am 30 years old and completely tone deaf. I love Anita and her teachers and hope to continue to grown with them. -Rathana C.
Anita and the Music Elements staff are very personable and make you feel like part of their "music family". My daughter takes vocal lessons there and she enjoys going, which is great!! -Kristina R.
We were looking for some advanced lessons for my son who has been learning Drums for a few years. Anita was very personable and returned my calls promptly to explain the school, class structure, fee etc. I was most looking for flexible time schedule, and she was able to find the time that best worked for us! Most importantly, instructor is great and my son has started to get back in the rhythm of practice and getting challenged enough to keep his interest on. So far great! Overall, our experience is great with Music Elements! -Raj V.
I have three children taking lessons at Music Elements. It has been a great experience for all them. Anita's warm and friendly way adds to the overall experience. As a busy mother I appreciate when someone goes out of their to make the schedule as easy and manageable as possible. I would absolutely recommend Music Elements! -Jean K.
My son is taking both vocal and guitar lessons. He is loving his sessions and learning a lot. He looks forward to his lessons every week (really). When evaluating Music Elements, Anita took the time to meet with me and view the teaching rooms so that I would feel comfortable. She also took the time to listen to what we were looking for for our son and paired us with an instructor that was a great fit. I highly recommend Music Elements! -Tina D.
My voice teacher is extremely knowledgeable and fun as well :). A wonderful musical experience. -Avey W.
Although my journey is just beginning and there is still much to learn Ive noticed already that I've applied new singing techniques and my confidence level is increasing.  Alicia H.
Just to let you know I am having a great time with John and I am learning a lot! -Michelle P
My daughter Sun Venkat has been learning vocal lessons from Music Elements for the past 2 years and she is enjoying it to the core. She loves the teaching, guidance and Anita's caring nature. Every year she enjoys the Annual Recital and she was overthrilled to join the July 4th parade last year. God bless Music Elements; strongly recommend to any one who wants to learn music. -Bamiela
Both my son and I were students at Music elements. My son was instructed by Dylan for drum lessons and I took voice lessons. The facility was neat and clean and the instructors were very professional and knowledgeable. Additionally, they were very flexible with their scheduling to accommodate my busy lifestyle. I would recommend Music Elements to the novice or advanced learner. -Valarie
I found out about Music Elements from my co-worker whose parent works there and I am so glad that I go there. My teacher is John and he teaches me piano and voice but he knows so much more. He's teaching me to really understand music and listen to the chords which is something that is hard for some people to do but he really helps me with it. Right now he is teaching me how to keep rhythm by tapping some beats which is really helpful for the song I'm learning to play. Also the songs that he teaches me to play, he also teaches me to sing which is extremely helpful. I love being there and I can't wait to keep learning from him. - Kyra
Very personable and efficient in communicating and responding to special requests. My instructor is very capable, qualified, informative and most of all patient interacting with me, someone with minimal musical background. -Carl
Music Elements is a wonderful place for your child to have music lessons! Anita and all of the teachers are very friendly and professional and the atmosphere is warm and safe. I would recommend Music Elements to any parent. My son has mild Autism and plays the trumpet in his middle school band. Before my son started taking lessons at Music Elements, he was starting to fall behind the other band students and he was really feeling frustrated. My son has lessons twice a week at Music Elements with two teachers, Peter and John. Both teachers have been extremely patient with my son and accommodating of his learning needs. I have watched my son improve musically and gain more confidence in his trumpet ability since starting lessons at this school. I am so thankful to the staff at Music Elements for all they do. -Nicolette
I have always found Music Elements and Anita Connerty to be professional, knowledgeable and also makes learning music a joy. My daughter has been going to take voice & guitar lessons for a few years and her voice is developing tremendously. Certainly would have no hesitation in referring them as they are a great music school here in Chelmsford! -Karen
Since joining Music Elements, my daughter has reconnected with her love for the piano, practices more often without proding and plays pieces that inspire her! We are thrilled with something so close and able to accommodate both of our children as well with there mutlple music rooms and teachers. They are truly a treasure chest of great teachers and people! -Michele
My daughter has been taking bass guitar lessons at Anita's school for about 2 months and has thoroughly enjoyed it. Her teacher is kind and patient. She feels totally comfortable with him. --Vaishali
I enrolled my daughter in vocal lessons at Music Elements and she loves it! The atmosphere is casual which makes my daughter feel comfortable and she enjoys going. Her teacher is extremely talented and experienced. Enrolling my daughter at Music Elements was definitely the right choice for us. -Kristina
Music-Elements in Chelmsford CARES. They care that the student is comfortable with the instructor, lesson, time of lesson etc. They are simply not what others are. CARING and TALENTED! Oh my goodness! Let' s not forget TALENTED! The students I've been privileged to hear perform, range from beginner like my child, to insanely TALENTED! I can't wait for the next recital to hear all the students, children and adults! You will not be disappointed choosing Music-Elements! -Beth
As we drove home last week, my daughter said, "Mom, you know what I like best about my teacher? He really CHALLENGES me!" That made my day! It's wonderful to see her so excited and motivated. Thanks, Catherine
I cannot tell you how much Jason is enjoying his lessons. He loves being challenged each week and is learning a ton and gaining confidence. Thank you!  Karen
I do have to say, we could not be happier with both Dylan [Dylan Jack] both my boys absolutely love them and so enjoy their lessons!!!!  They both go the extra mile all the time.  Melissa D.
Daughter at age eight singing randomly in the house once again. PRICELESS! She loves her new instructor. ~Doug
Steven is LOVING lessons!  He would like to stay on Dylan's [Dylan Jack, Drum teacher] schedule and continue if that works still. Thanks, Kris
Anita is doing a wonderful thing for the community in opening up Music Elements. She is easy to work with because of her warm and friendly personality. She is always quick to respond to emails and phone calls which I really appreciate. And I find it a privilege to work for such a wonderful person. ~Marlana
Anita is a caring and very talented person that offers so much for any student that wants to learn an instrument  ~Jamie L.
Anita is a wonderful person, as well as a very talented musician. She has gone above and beyond to help me out on more than one occasion. My daughter, Jackie, has been taking vocal lessons at Music Elements for over a year, and she has also taken piano lessons with Jamie. Jackie just started with a new vocal teacher, and she absolutely loves her! Her teacher is an amazing singer and really makes the lesson fun. I can't say enough about her.  Anita always has exceptional teachers on staff. I highly recommend Music Elements to anyone! ~ The Pottle Family (Christine)
Anita is a great teacher and an amazing person She is surrounded with exceptional colleagues who make the music experience at the school a unique one. My son started taking drum lessons at age 5 with Jesse and everybody we know is amazed at his progress over the years. Patience, encouragement and bringing out the best out of you is what characterizes the instructors at Music Elements. Jesse and Anita went above and beyond for my son to fulfill his dream, providing everything he needed to be able to play the drums. Music elements is not only a school, it's a family. Thanks Anita, Jane, Jesse and all the instructors! ~ Khady N
My son has been a student at Music Elements for five years. He started with electric guitar and is now on piano. Anita is absolutely wonderful with the students. She is kind and warm and a great musician to boot!. My son loves piano and guitar and enjoys his weekly lessons. For the price and quality of instruction, you can't go wrong! ~Karen P
My daughter, Grace, has taken piano lessons at Music Elements for the past 3 years. We couldn't be happier! Her instructor absolutely knows how to make lessons fun and how to connect with kids of all ages. He was so smart to find out what music she would like instead of just having her play one style of music. I have several friends who have taken voice and guitar there as well and have loved it. The recitals certainly show how enthusiastic and dedicated Anita and her whole staff are at teaching and celebrating music! I highly recommend Music Elements!~Karen H
We've been going to Anita's school for over 2 years now, for piano and guitar, and are very very happy with the experience. Anita and the teachers are friendly, warm, experienced and the atmosphere is low-key and homey. Everyone is so flexible and that has been enormously important to us as the kids change their schedules, get sick, etc. We love that the emphasis is on learning an instrument and not an all-consuming RECITAL (although there is one). This place has been a great experience for us. ~Anne W
Music Elements is fantastic. My son has been taking drum lessons there for 2 months. They have taken his love of drums and built on it. He now feels successful in how he is playing and is learning new things every week. His instructor is wonderful and made an effort to learn my son's strengths and weaknesses. This makes for very satisfying lessons. They go at the pace my son sets so he does not feel like it is tedious but fun. Music Elements was recommended to me by a friend and I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to learn more and enjoy music. ~Shelly
A great experience all around! After I told Anita a little bit about my son, she helped me to find just the right teacher for him - their personalities are a great fit. My son loves to go to lessons. He's been taking them from Neal for about 6 months now and is doing really well. We've had to cancel/change lessons a couple of times and they have been very understanding, very flexible. The price is affordable. No complaints at all. ~Ann
My daughter had only one lesson so far but she but she absolutely loves her teacher. The owner [Anita Connerty] is very nice and took the time to talk with us and explain things. Looking forward to continuing lessons with Music Elements!~Peg C.
Morgan LOVED her voice lesson and is so excited about it.  Thanks so much.  I knew her shyness would go away, but it's still a huge step for her to sing alone in front of someone.  You were great with her and she really enjoyed it!  I am thrilled that she was so happy and we both look forward to more lessons.
drumming boy Dear Ms. Connerty, You’re the best drum teacher anyone could have!  Besides teaching me so much you helped me get that terrific set of Pearl Export drums.  When I think of all the things I’ve done this summer, getting my drumset was the best and I owe it all to you.  I just love to play the drums everyday and I’m lucky to have you for a drum teacher. -Ryan
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Music Elements DJs

I just want to give all 3 of you a big THANK YOU! Nicki you did a great job especially crowd control! It was a successful fundraiser and we made over $50,000!  I can’t believe it!  There was over 350 people and everyone was extremely generous with their money especially in today’s economy.
It is so wonderful when people come together to help others.
Again, thank you all so much. It was truly appreciated.

Hi Anita,  Thank you again for all of your hard work. Our grad orientation was a huge success (again!!!) Mark pulled off the entire event flawlessly --- he had the party jumping from beginning to end.
We absolutely love working with him and will keep him in mind for any event for which we need a DJ.
With gratitude,
Gloria Gloria J Vandegrift
CVS Caremark
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