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Lesson Fees and Policies

Lesson Prices:  $35 for a 1/2 hour lesson  $70 for 1 hour lesson

Music Elements Cancellation Policy

Please call 978-221-5641 within a 24 hour notice to cancel any lessons. Unless extreme condition, you will be responsible to either reschedule the lesson later in the week or pay in full.

We are open the entire 12 months of the year. We divide the year into 3 sessions with 2 excused lessons per session. You DO NOT have to re-register for each session. You can keep your day and time for the full year.
First Session: February - June
Summer Session: July - August
Third Session: September - January

We allow 2 excused lessons per session. If you require more, you are welcome to take a make-up lesson within the week of available open times. If a make-up date cannot be scheduled you will be invoiced for the missed lesson. In the event that your teacher is absent, we will provide a qualified substitute or arrange for a make-up lesson.

If you have to miss a lesson, please call or email both the instructor and the school.

Music Elements

160 Turnpike Rd.   Chelmsford, MA 01824
Phone: 978-221-5641


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