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Instructors:   Alex Buiel  |  Elizabeth GarozzoMatthew Pariseau


Alex Buiel

Alex Buiel
Alex Buiel is a classically trained pianist, vocalist and pipe-organistAlex Buiel working in metro-Boston. He began his piano studies at age five and shortly after began studying pipe organ and voice. He was a choir boy at St. Paul’s Choir School and studied pipe-organ while attending the Interlochen Academy for the Arts in Interlochen, Michigan. He has worked as church pipe-organist for more than a decade, toured England singing with the choir of Trinity Church, Boston, and is currently the Organist and Director of Music at St. Anne’s Parish in Readvile, MA. In addition to his classical and liturgical music, he has extensively worked as a session musician for many bands in the metro-Boston area as well as plays keyboards in several groups.
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We have loved the opportunity to expose Eleanor to the piano and I am very impressed with how much she has learned already. Alex has been tremendous with taking on a new student completely over Zoom. -Laura W.

Elizabeth Garozzo

Elizabeth Garozzo    Elizabeth Garozzo is a classical pianist currently attending University of Massachusetts Lowell in their Music Studies undergraduate program. Beginning her piano studies at the age of twelve, she quickly fell in love with composers like Chopin, Debussy, and Rachmaninov. As a result, Elizabeth is skilled in all manners of classical style, from Baroque to 20th century and beyond but is also comfortable with contemporary genres. Aside from playing piano, Elizabeth is passionate about music history and works as a freelance photographer; she plans to continue her music studies to the graduate level.
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Matthew Pariseau

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