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Music Elements StudentsMusic Elements offers lessons in piano, drums, guitar, voice, strings, brass, ukulele and bass. We teach in person lessons to all of the local communities including Chelmsford, Billerica, Westford, Lowell, Tewksbury, Tyngsboro, Acton and Dracut and virtually, nationwide, Our teachers are top instructors from the area and across the country. Whether you are a beginner or advanced student, child, adult, or just jumping back in after years of not playing, we will teach you at a pace that's appropriate for you. The goal at Music Elements is not only to teach music education but,also to show students how to make studying music enjoyable. Plain and simple…students have fun at our school! Let our reviews speak for us! Come join us to discover or rediscover the joys of music! Remember, the beat is what counts!

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You really are such a wonderful teacher. We totally lucked out having you as his teacher! He is at that age where sometimes we have to really push on everything. I think if you were not the great teacher and kind person that you are, he would have given up on the baritone. We really, really appreciate your patience and enthusiasm.

Hi Peter,
Thank you so much for your email explaining the progress Haarika had made. Am so happy to hear that from you. I myself could tell the difference too when compared to the beginning when she is in the class. I usually work in the next room and remember how she used to struggle at the beginning and even I was complimenting her recently that she is doing well when she plays. Thanks, Usha

Rose loves lessons with Ms. Laura. It is the highlight of her week!

Samhita loves Laura! She thought she was fantastic, especially the in-person class was a big plus for her.

The lesson went fine. Better than expected. Honestly, Justin and I share the same musical tastes and could've talked about bands, concerts we both went to and guitars for hours. Beyond that, I picked up the book we'll be using in the lessons and I'm getting excited about continuing the process.  ~Regards, Dave M

 Happy February! I hope you are doing well - and congratulations on your new studio space! I can’t wait to see it once the pandemic is over. I am really enjoying virtual lessons and I am so glad you are offering them. I can’t believe the difference in my voice since working with Alex. He’s great! Thank goodness for the internet! -Lucy A.

Even before the first lesson, I checked Ms. Laura's profile on Music Element's website. We are very impressed with Ms. Laura's extensive experience. Natania thoroughly enjoyed her first lesson with Ms.Laura and we loved introducing and talking to her. Ms.Laura is very sweet and energetic. We look forward for Natania for many more music lessons from Ms.Laura.

Happy New Year to you and the entire staff of Music Elements. We missed you during the Christmas break and look forward resuming the music classes as it is one very nice aspect of our otherwise dull lives with COVID-19. Best safe, Vania

We love the work Cayla is doing with Claire. She is so good with Claire. Thank you! Michele T

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"Music Elements" Update during the Pandemic" with Owner Anita Connerty October 8th 2020 with Tom Christiano for the Chelmsford News Cable TV Show.

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